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Chlorinated Paraffin 52

Chlorinated paraffin-52 is also known as chlorinated alkane 52, chlorinated alkane-52, chlorinated alkane-52#, chloro wax-52, type 52 chlorinated paraffin, referred to as CP-52, molecular formula C15 H26Cl6. Used as a plasticizer for neoprene, nitrile rubber, SBS and other adhesives and sealants. The chlorinated paraffin-52 plasticized silylated polyurethane (SPU) sealant has the highest elongation at break and the best elasticity. Also used as a flame retardant.

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Product Details

Product features:

Water white or light yellow viscous liquid. Average molecular formula is C15H26Cl6, average molecular weight is 419.09.It is inflammable, non-explosive, non-volatile and non-toxic. Soluble in most organic solvents, insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol.

Quality index:



Color (Pt-Co)


Density (50℃) g/cm3


Chlorine content ( % )


Viscosity (50℃) mPa.s


Refractive index nD20


Heating loss (130℃, 2 hours) %


Thermal stability index (175℃, 4 hours, nigrogen10L./h) HCl%


Thermal decomposition temperature (℃)



The product can be used as secondary plasticizer for polyxyethylene. Moreover, it can also be used in lubricating oil, peroxyvinyl resin, perchlorovinyl resin and other polymers.

Packing, storage and transportation:

Keep in dry, clean, and rustless 200L galvanized iron drum, net weight (200±0.5) kg/drum.

Dry and clean lBC ton drum, net weight 1.2T/drum.

Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated place. To protect from sunlight and rain. Handle with care during transportation.

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