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Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Effervescent Tablets (fast Dissolving Tablets)

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is widely used in the sterilization and algae removal of industrial circulating water systems in power plants, petroleum, chemical, textile, electronics, etc., and completely kills the bacteria, such as system pipes, heat exchangers, and cooling towers. Solve the problem of bacterial slime formation and corrosion of pipelines; it is a bleaching and disinfecting fungicide with excellent performance in daily chemical and textile industries; disinfection of water bodies and breeding places in animal husbandry and aquatic products; The fungi, bacteria and other diseases of crops have special effects; cleaning and disinfection in food and beverage processing industries, disinfection as swimming pool disinfectants and public places such as hospitals and hotels.

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Product Details

Main Details:

Dosagen form


Effective cl





1g---20g/flake、(or decided by customer)


Plastic Drum:1/2/5/10/25/50kg,
Cardboard Drum:25kg/50kg,(or decided by customer)

Small story from our customer:

One of our Indonesian customers came to visit our factory in August 2015 and were very satisfied with the experiment of reservoir disinfection samples. They signed the contract and have cooperated so far. If you have any doubts, welcome to visit our factory, let us talk more details, or please email us to get much better price!

Industrial preparation method:

The raw materials for the production of sodium dichloroisocyanurate are mainly cyanuric acid, caustic soda and chlorine. The production methods mainly include dichloroisocyanuric acid method, sodium hypochlorite method and trichloroisocyanuric acid compound decomposition.

Dichloroisocyanuric acid method process:

The cyanuric acid and caustic soda are formulated into a disodium cyanurate salt in a ratio of 1:2 (molar ratio), and chlorine gas is introduced to carry out chlorination reaction to form a dichloroisocyanuric acid slurry, and centrifugally separating to obtain wet dichloroisocyanuric acid; Then, it is put into the mother liquor of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, and the neutralization reaction is carried out by adding caustic soda in a ratio of 1:1 (molar ratio). After completion of the reaction, it is cooled, crystallized, and filtered to obtain wet sodium dichloroisocyanurate. After drying, sodium dichloroisocyanurate or its dihydrate product is obtained.


(1) It can realize the joint production of dichloroisocyanuric acid and sodium dichloroisocyanurate, and dichloroisocyanuric acid is also an important species of chloroisocyanuric acid products, which can be used as a disinfectant.

(2) High product quality. Since the solubility of dichloroisocyanuric acid in water is only 0.7%, the sodium chloride formed by the reaction can be basically washed, and the neutralization reaction has no other impurities, so the purity of the product is high and the salt content is small;

(3) The raw material consumption is low.


 1)sterilize drinking water

 2)Swimming Pool

 3)Tableware and air

 4)Fight against infectious diseases as routine disinfection

 5)Preventive disinfection and environmental sterization in different   places

 6)act as disinfectant in raising silkworm, livestock,poultry and fish

 7)Used to prevent wool from shrinkage,bleach the textile and clean the industrial

    circulating water.

Packaging and storage:

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is packed in woven bags, plastic drums or cardboard drums: 25KG/bag, 25KG/barrel, 50KG/barrel.

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Protect from direct sunlight. The package must be sealed and not exposed to moisture. It should be stored separately from the combustibles, ammonium salts, nitrides, oxidants, alkalis, etc., and should not be mixed. The storage area should be provided with suitable materials to contain spills.


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