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  • Durable FIBC

    Durable FIBC

    The Durable FIBCs are tailor-made to suit your specifications. Made of virgin polypropylene (PP) resins, these bags are in strict compliance with common standards. Our FIBCs are highly...

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  • SPECIAL FIBC Bags for Sand

    SPECIAL FIBC Bags for Sand

    SPECIAL FIBC Bags for sand We offers polypropylene woven sand bags. They are strong, light, durable and easy to use. Our custom sand bags meet and exceed the requirements for any project or site....

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  • Tubular Super Container Bags

    Tubular Super Container Bags

    Tubular Super Container bag is ideal as a liner less option for fine and hygroscopic materials. It is also an excellent alternative to the original Four-Panel Super Sack construction. Capacity...

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  • U-Panel Super Container Bags

    U-Panel Super Container Bags

    Details: 35" x 35" x 30" H SWL: 2200 lbs Top: Duffle Top, Web Tie Closure Bottom: 14" D x 19" L, Web Tie Closure, Iris Style Closure Liner: None Doc Pouch: (1) 10" x...

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  • Ton Bags

    Ton Bags

    Excellent for small batches and fits four to a pallet. Coating Uncoated The ton bags features two-panel construction with two lift loops. It is excellent for small batches and fits four to a...

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  • Bulk Seed Bags

    Bulk Seed Bags

    Container bags, also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, tons of packages. A variety of English translation, including FIBC, Bulk Bags, Jumbo Bags, Big Bags, is a container unit with a...

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  • Bulk Bags

    Bulk Bags

    Bulk bag is a highly durable paper bag, mainly used for industrial product packaging, is a unit of container equipment, together with the crane or forklift, you can bulk unitized transportation,...

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  • Custom Bulk Bags

    Custom Bulk Bags

    Bulk tons of bags are mainly used for packaging and transportation of some bulk industrial products (such as: quartz sand, steel balls, coal, fertilizers, cement, etc.), the size of the design...

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  • Four-Panel Super Sack Container

    Four-Panel Super Sack Container

    The popular Four-Panel Super Sack Container is made of polypropylene. The versatile, cost-effective four-panel construction can be used for container bags, general packaging, fertilizer packaging,...

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  • Standard Containers Bags

    Standard Containers Bags

    The Standard Containers bags is designed to stay square after filling for greatest efficiency of shipping and warehouse storage space, yet compacts down to a small fraction of its filled size when...

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  • Builders Bag

    Builders Bag

    An inexpensive, yet tough and durable container for handling and transport of stone, gravel, debris, soil, or other construction materials. Capacity Volume: 27 cubic feet (one cu. yd.). Up to:...

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  • Bulk Bag Sand

    Bulk Bag Sand

    The bulk bag sand is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic....

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