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Chlorinated Rubber

Chlorinated rubber refers to the product of natural rubber chlorination. A mixture of trichloride and tetrachloride containing 65% chlorine. Chlorinated rubber has good compatibility with alkyd resins with similar linear low polarity. Alkyd resins with more than 54% fatty acids generally have better compatibility with chlorinated rubbers in aromatic hydrocarbon diluents. After the introduction of the chlorinated rubber, the toughness, the adhesion, the solvent resistance, the acid and alkali resistance, the water resistance, the salt spray resistance, the abrasion resistance, and the like can be improved, and the dry rate of the film and the adhesion of dust are reduced. Mainly used as concrete floor paint and swimming pool paint as well as highway marking.
  • Chlorinated rubber

    Chlorinated rubber

    Chlorinated rubber, an eco-friendly high-polymer material resin newly developed by our company, is produced by world leading aqueous phase suspension method. The finished product has no residual...

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