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Emergency treatment after misuse of poisoning

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Mass inhalation: Quickly remove from harmful environments to fresh air, replace contaminated clothing, wash hands and other exposed skin, such as a large number of contacts or obvious discomfort to the nearby hospital.

Skin: Contact with a high concentration of disinfectant in time with a large number of flowing water rinse, with a light soapy water cleaning, such as the skin is still persistent pain or irritation symptoms, to the nearest to the hospital after flushing.

Eye: Immediately after splashing with the flow of water to continue flushing not less than 15 minutes, such as serious eye pain, photophobia, tears and other symptoms, as soon as possible to the nearby hospital to see a doctor.

Accidental poisoning: For adults to take orally no more than 200 ml of milk, can be taken several times. can also take raw egg white 3-5. Generally do not urge vomiting, gastric lavage. Iodine disinfectant poisoning can immediately take a large number of rice soup, starch pulp and so on. Those who have serious gastrointestinal symptoms should go to a nearby hospital to see a doctor immediately.

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