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Factors affecting the bleaching of oxygen-water

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Concentration, temperature, time, ph value and other factors are the main conditions of chemical reaction. In the process of double oxygen water bleaching, the interrelationship of these factors should be clarified in order to make a reasonable process.

1, Concentration

The reasonable concentration stipulated in the double oxygen water bleaching should be based on the principle of achieving a certain whiteness and removing the effect of the cottonseed hull and minimizing the damage of the fiber. It is proved by practice that the relationship between the whiteness of fabric and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not proportional. When the steam process is used, the concentration control in the 3-5g has been able to achieve a certain degree of whiteness requirements, concentration is higher, whiteness increases not much, on the contrary easily damage fiber. Therefore, the vapor process concentration is generally 3-5g, the thin fabric should be appropriate lower. The specific determination should be based on the use of equipment, bleaching methods, fabric thickness, desizing scouring status and bath ratio and other decisions. In order to minimize the damage to the fiber, the concentration to low, to get a higher whiteness, should be in the practice of taking measures.

2, temperature

Temperature has a direct relationship with the decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide. Under the condition of certain concentration and time, the decomposition consumption of hydrogen peroxide on fabric increases with the increase of temperature, therefore, the bleaching effect of fabric is increased with the increase of decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide on fabric. When the temperature reaches 90-100 ℃, the hydrogen peroxide can decompose 90%, the whiteness is also the best, but when the temperature is 60%, the decomposition rate is only about 50%.

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