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Our Production FIBC

- Oct 05, 2018 -


FIBC is a flexible container. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers - Abbreviation: FIBC, also known as gold diamond ton bags, space bags, container bags.

In the packaging industry, FIBC is also classified by name: gold diamond container bag and NLP container bag. The difference between the material is different from the ultraviolet radiation, including the tensile strength, in which the gold diamond bag is in the whole plastic knitting. The industry is a top-notch product, and its price is the most cost-effective product.

The safety factor is the ratio between the maximum capacity of the product and the rated design load. Mainly, the container bag is loaded with several times of content, and it is repeatedly raised, whether there is abnormality in the contents and the bag body, and whether the joint is damaged. Among the similar standards at home and abroad, the safety factor is generally set at 5-6 times. A five-fold safety bag product can be used safely for longer. If the UV-resistant additives are added, it is an indisputable fact that the container bag has a wider application range and is more competitive.

When the sling is connected with the bag body, there are various forms such as a top hoist, a bottom hoist, and a side hoist, and the suture is connected by a suture, so the suture is also very important. Due to the high strength of the sling, the base fabric and the stitching do not reach a certain strength, and the overall performance of the container bag cannot be ensured.

Bulk bags are mainly packed in blocks, granules or powdery items. The physical density and looseness of the contents also have significant effects on the overall results. For the basis of the performance judgment of the container bag, it is necessary to test the product as close as possible to the customer. This is the "test-specific standard filler" written in the standard, so as to meet the challenges of the market economy as much as possible. .

In general, it is not a problem to carry out the test bag by lifting the test. If the bag really falls off when the port, railway, or truck is hoisted, there are only two cases: one is that the operation is wrong, and the other is that the bag has not passed the lifting test.

For a container bag that can achieve a safety factor of more than 5 times, one of the two or two of the four rings must have a tensile force of more than two and a half of the rated load, even if the two slings are disconnected, the container bag There is no problem with the whole.

Container bags have a wide range of applications, especially for packaging bulk cement, grain, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals and other powders, granular objects, and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide. It is very convenient for loading, unloading, transportation and storage. Container bags are in the ascendant stage of development, especially in the form of one-ton, tray (one pallet with one container, or four), which is more popular.



1. Do not stand under the container in the lifting operation;

2. Hang the hook on the center of the sling or sling, do not slant, hang one-sided or diagonally hoist the bag;

3. Do not rub with other objects during the operation, hook or collide with the container;

4. Do not pull the sling back to the outside;

5. When using the forklift to work on the container, please do not touch or tie the fork to the bag to prevent the container from being broken.

6. When transporting in the workshop, try to use the pallet as much as possible, avoiding the hooking of the container bag and shaking it while carrying it;

7. Keep the container bag upright when loading, unloading and stacking;

8. Do not stand the container bag upright;

9. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or on the concrete;

10. When it is necessary to store outdoors, the container bag should be placed on the shelf, and the container bag must be tightly covered with opaque shed cloth;

11. After use, wrap the container in paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.

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