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PVC to plastic substitute wood material

- Jan 08, 2018 -

PVC wood-plastic composite material is a new kind of composite material, which is made of discarded wood fiber and plastic, supplemented with appropriate processing auxiliaries and prepared by hot-pressing process. Its products fully embodies the renewable resources and petroleum products recycling concept, to alleviate the current shortage of wood and petroleum resources, serious environmental pollution problems, has very important significance.

PVC as the main raw materials home building materials products have become the second pillar of China's plastics industry, an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. The next 10 years, the country is expected to add 30 billion square meters of building area, if these buildings on the existing basis to achieve 50% energy-saving, then the market demand for energy-saving building materials up to trillions of yuan, which for indoor energy-saving decorative material development of a huge space. For a long time, building materials industry has been a high energy consumption, high pollution image. In order to adapt to the requirements of low-carbon economy, home building materials Enterprises after years of research and development, developed a group of plastic wood PVC high simulation building materials, Low-carbon and practical perfect combination of home products.

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