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The performance characteristics of the ton bags

- Jan 30, 2018 -

The performance characteristics of the ton bags

1- Container bag carrying capacity between 0.5-3T, volume between 500-2300L, the insurance factor can be based on user need 3: 1,5: 1,6: 1 design. 

2- According to the content, the goods are divided into bulk cargo containers and small packages of two kinds of cargo container bags, for one-time use and working capital.

3- FIBC According to the shape is divided into three kinds of styles including round, square and U-shaped body. 

4- Lifting structure crane type, side hanging type and bottom hanging type, usually have access to feed. 

Applicable type: Reusable / One-time use

Shape: square / rectangular /

Lift mode: Top crane / Side crane / Bottom crane Feed 

Inlet: Feed inlet / No feed inlet (Large opening / Waterproof flap) 

Discharge port: Discharge port / No discharge port

Raw materials: Polypropylene (PP)

Load capacity: 0.3 tons -2 tons

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