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2018 China Chemical Industry Supply Chain Financial Innovation Summit Forum Will Be Held In Nanjing

- Sep 26, 2018 -

    “The new technology, new financial new ecology”, the 2018 China Chemical Industry Supply Chain Financial Innovation Summit Forum jointly hosted by Wanwang and Jiangsu Eastwell Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. will be held in Nanjing on October 18. Focusing on the chemical industry, the Summit Group brings together authoritative experts and industry elites in the industry to explore ways to innovate supply chain finance in the chemical industry environment, to solve the problems of financial technology and industrial chain integration, information sharing, financing difficulties, overcapacity, etc. Various types of innovation models and practical cases, and seek common development plans.


    In 2018, supply chain financial innovation has been booming in China. Blockchain+supply chain financial innovation and its application have become hot topics in the industry. Under the dual promotion of policy and technology, supply chain financial application scenarios have continued to fall. So, what are the advantages of supply chain financial innovation in the chemical industry? How should the two be combined? The summit will be held in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, where the chemical industry is concentrated. It invites 300+ government departments, chemical production enterprises, B2B platforms, commercial banks, financial institutions, venture capital institutions, supply chain companies, logistics companies, and financial technology. Representatives from related fields such as the company, focusing on the hot spot of the chemical industry, discussing the future trend of technology + industry supply chain finance, helping enterprises in the chemical industry to build the industry, and building an efficient and synergistic industrial supply chain financial ecosystem with colleagues from all walks of life.

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