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Analysis Of The Role Of Chlorinated Rubber Paint

- Sep 28, 2018 -


    What is the role of chlorinated rubber paint: strong adhesion, high corrosion resistance, often applied to steel structure anti-corrosion primer, anti-corrosion of galvanized steel structural components, underwater equipment topcoat, stainless steel primer and other fields.

    How to make chlorinated rubber paint dry as soon as possible: This industrial lacquer is a two-component cross-linked curing product. The product composition consists of curing agent and lacquer, two materials. The ordinary paint can usually be adjusted by the amount of curing agent. The length of the drying time, but this cross-linked curing product is usually formed in one time, fixed ratio, to achieve the most suitable dry state.

    Is there a requirement for the thickness of chlorinated rubber paint film during construction? The thickness of chlorinated rubber paint is required to be thicker. When it is matched with common epoxy paint, primer, top coat and intermediate paint, the thickness is 250 microns. When used in combination with solvent-free epoxy coatings, the standard thickness of the film is increased to 1000um.

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