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History Of PVC

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Polyvinyl chloride as early as 1835 for the United States v. Le Nio found that the use of sunlight exposure to vinyl chloride produced a white solid, that is, polyvinyl chloride.

PVC was found two times in 19th century, one for Henri Victor Regnault in 1835, and another for Eugen Baumann in 1872. In two of times, the polymer appears as a white solid in a beaker of vinyl chloride placed under sunlight. At the beginning of 20th century, Russian chemist Ivan Ostromislensky and chemist Fritz Klatte of the German Griesheim-elektron company tried to use PVC for commercial use, but it was difficult to process the hard, sometimes brittle polymers.

In the 1912, the Germans Fritz Klatte synthesized PVC and applied for a patent in Germany, but failed to develop a suitable product before the patent expired.

1926, the United States B.f. The Goodrich Company's Waldo Semon synthesized the PVC and applied for a patent in the United States. Waldo Semon and B.f. In 1926, Goodrich company developed a method for plasticizing PVC by adding a variety of additives, making it more flexible and easy to process and quickly getting a wide range of commercial applications.

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