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International Chemical Companies Are Optimistic About The Chinese Market

- Sep 27, 2018 -

    Recently, 37 member companies in AICM, including Dow, BASF and DSM, signed the “Responsible Care Global Charter” in Shanghai. The signatories will work together to protect people and the environment, promote related processes and production, and strengthen Chemical safety management, etc., to make greater contributions to promoting sustainable development.

    In order to implement and promote this concept, international chemical companies organize “public open days” to improve the transparency of industry information. Through the factory visits, on-site demonstrations, etc., let the public know how to innovate in science and technology, reduce waste water and exhaust emissions, enhance resource recycling and promote green development. China's environmental protection requirements have indeed increased a lot in recent years, and some are even stricter than Western countries.

    Based on the new national standard, the nitrogen oxide emission standard is less than 200 mg per cubic meter. For this reason, the company immediately started the project and installed the catalytic reactor to reduce the emission standard to 70 mg per cubic meter, making the annual nitrogen oxides of the Zhangjiagang ABS plant. The total amount of emissions can be reduced by more than 2 tons on the basis of the new national standard, becoming the company's first factory in the world to adopt such a device, and then intends to apply this successful experience to other factories abroad.

    AICM currently represents nearly 70 multinational chemical companies with significant investments in China. "It is foreseeable that both local companies will invest overseas, or foreign companies will expand locally. Both sides will cooperate in many ways." Zhu Xi said

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