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Our Hot Product Polypropylene Granular

- Oct 31, 2018 -

Polypropylene (PP) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion. It has a wide range of applications in the industry and is one of the most commonly seen polymer materials. Australian coins are also made from polypropylene.



Mainly used in the production of various long and short polypropylene fibers, used in the production of polypropylene woven bags, packaging bags, injection molded products and other flame retardant parts for the production of electrical appliances, telecommunications, lighting, lighting equipment and televisions.


Dongbiao Testing Center suggests: PP does not have environmental stress cracking problems. Typically, PP is modified by the addition of glass fibers, metal additives or thermoplastic rubber. The flow rate of PP has a MFR ranging from 1 to 40. Low MFR PP materials have better impact resistance but lower elongation. For materials of the same MFR, the strength of the copolymer type is higher than that of the homopolymer type. Due to crystallization, the shrinkage rate of PP is quite high, generally 1.8 to 2.5%. And the direction uniformity of shrinkage is much better than materials such as PE-HD. The addition of 30% glass additive can reduce the shrinkage to 0.7%. Both the homopolymer type and the copolymer type PP materials have excellent moisture absorption resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and solubility resistance. However, it has no resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons (such as benzene) solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride) solvents, etc.



Nature and stability

Avoid strong oxidants, chlorine, potassium permanganate


High-strength polypropylene has high strength, large elongation, high initial modulus and excellent elasticity. Therefore, polypropylene has good wear resistance. In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to dry strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.


Hygroscopicity and dyeing properties Light weight and good warmth, almost no moisture absorption, but strong wicking ability, obvious moisture absorption and perspiration; polypropylene has little hygroscopicity and almost no moisture absorption, and the general moisture regain rate under atmospheric conditions is close to zero. However, it has a wicking action that transfers water vapor through the capillary in the fabric, but does not itself absorb any absorption. The dyeability of polypropylene is poor, and the chromatogram is not complete, but the method of coloring the original liquid can be used to make up for the deficiency.


Storage method


Store in a cool, dry place in a cool, dry place to ensure good ventilation

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