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Physical And Chemical Properties Of PVC

- Jan 08, 2018 -

The color is yellowish translucent, shiny. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, for polystyrene, with different additive dosage, divided into soft and hard polyvinyl chloride, soft products flexible and tough, feel sticky, hard products hardness higher than low-density polyethylene, and lower than polypropylene, in the bend will appear bleaching phenomenon. Stable, not easy to be acid, alkali corrosion, heat tolerance.

PVC has a flame-retardant (flame retardant value of more than 40), high chemical resistance (concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentration of 90% sulfuric acid, concentration of 60% nitric acid and concentration of 20% sodium hydroxide), mechanical strength and electrical insulation good advantages.

The stability of polyvinyl chloride in light and heat is poor. The softening point is 80 ℃ and begins to decompose at 130 ℃. In the case of no heating stabilizer, the polyvinyl chloride 100 ℃ begins to decompose, and 130 ℃ above decompose faster. Heat decomposition out of hydrogen chloride gas, (hydrogen chloride gas is poisonous gas) to make its discoloration, from white → light yellow → red → brown → black. Ultraviolet light and oxygen in the sun will cause the polyvinyl chloride oxidation decomposition, so that the flexibility of PVC decreased, and finally brittle. From here is not difficult to understand, why some PVC plastic time long will turn yellow, brittle reason.

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