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Shandong Chemical Industry Status

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Due to the China's environmental protection policy, Shandong Province responds positively to the national call. Shandong aims to reduce the chemical industry park to 100, and then shut down 20% of the chemical enterprises. A few days ago, shandong province chemical industry transformation and upgrading of production safety leading group special action of the second meeting of the members in the provincial government executive meeting room, summarizes the special operation since the work progress and research review the high-end chemical industry in shandong province development planning (SongShenGao), arrange the deployment of the next step of work task. Vice governor of shandong province, deputy leader of the leading group and office director wang shujian attended and addressed the meeting. 2018 is the key year for the transformation and upgrading of the safety production of chemical industry in shandong province. Members unit should act quickly, with enterprising spirit, rolling up the mountain and verve and grasp the iron has the strength of the mark, strengthen organizational leadership, vigorously promotes the responsibility to implement, to ensure that chemical industry transformation and upgrading of production safety special operation continues to advance.

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